Using jpgs from Google's image search, these drawings are constructed scenarios and characters originating from multiple pictures and loosely evolving around the theme of love.

Found in the shed
Black star saviour
Loverly mexican girl found in a bar
Snooker love
Sick bed - By PhilipC
Are you sure? by PhilipC
A cute beach couple who should be together
Bath in the time of love - by philipc
The pub - by philipc
Laura - by philipc
Bath love by Philip C
Strings by Philip C
Dinner date by Philip C
The bullfighter family by Philip C
Love quadrilateral by Philip C
At the pool by Philip C
A day in the office by Philip C
David by Philip C
Striped girls by Philip C
Stripey girls by Philip C
Couple by Philip C
Girl and table by Philip C
The Kiss
Joined at the boob
Red face